Alabama Senior Services Department

By Beth Chapman

Among the agencies recognized in the governor’s cabinet is the Alabama Department of Senior Services (ADSS). It is the one agency with guaranteed longevity because there is one thing for certain – we are all going to be senior citizens at some point in our lives. We pray we are anyway.

Fortunate for us and those we love, we have an outstanding department of senior services with many benefits for those they serve.

The agency has many responsibilities which include but are not limited to providing meals for qualified senior citizens, assisting with prescription drug medications, and Medicare and caregiver resources. According to the ADSS website, Commissioner Jean Brown says the department’s purpose is to “preserve the independence and dignity of Alabama’s seniors and disabled population.”  They do a good job at it, too.

The department even has its own hall of fame. Since 1983, the Alabama Senior Citizens Hall of Fame has honored hundreds of Alabamians aged 60 and older for their exceptional contributions to older Alabamians in their communities.

ADSS is currently seeking nominations for its 2022 hall of fame inductions. If you know of couples who have been married 65 years or longer or individuals who are 100 years of age or older, they qualify to be honored by the hall of fame. Also, individuals who have done outstanding work with seniors can be nominated for induction as well.

Think about people in your community who go out of their way to assist senior citizens and nominate them. It could be a director of senior adults at your church or the local parks and recreation department senior director, a doctor, nurse or more.

If you or an organization to which you belong are interested in making a nomination, visit for a nomination form. The deadline for this year’s nominations is May 1. Award winners will be announced this summer and honored in an induction ceremony in August.

If you or someone you love needs assistance with programs for senior citizens or help for people with disabilities, and caregivers, ADSS recently updated its Guide to Services directory, which is available on its website at